DJ Sammie Gets a Shout Out in Bon Appetit!

So when you work in advertising, people write about your advertising all the time. In advertising publications. Not us particularly, as we’re not that important, but in general, advertising makes news. But usually just ad news.

Today, we’d like to thank Omeed for bringing THIS to our attention: Bon Appetit’s quarterly magazine, “Bravo,” did a post on TBWA\Chiat\Day’s DJ Sammie program. Exciting! We made non-ad news! And by we, yes, if you guys remember “concept your own grilled cheese,” li and I did our own DJ Sammie sandwich and playlist. Check out the blog here!

And look, lali’s concept your own grilled cheese made the article! (well, at least a picture of it did…) Yay go DJ Sammie! And a big thanks to everyone who has been a part of this, like Lisa Kurth, Patrick, Carol, and the whole Bon Appetit team!

To many more DJs and Sammies!

djsammie bon appetit article







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2 responses to “DJ Sammie Gets a Shout Out in Bon Appetit!

  1. Aaron

    Lauren, you should sell that handwriting font of yours. It’s perfect.

  2. Thanks Aaron – you’ve kind of always said that :) Maybe you guys can use it in your new west coast office for something!!!!!!

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