“Do you two ever separate?”

Upon learning la and I were taking a break from working to attend book club together, new-guy-social-media-expert Brandon Kleinman asks “Do you two ever separate?”

Welcome to the world of lali, Brandon! The answer is “not usually” and it’s the secret to our success! You’ll learn to love it. Hopefully.

Peter Estermann, beloved account guy, is such a huge lali fan that he even brings us gifts from time to time, like these matching JUKE tanks.

Anyway, back to book club. I was honored when la first started inviting me several months ago, and I actually (mostly) read the book this time! It’s called World War Z and it’s about zombies. We highly recommend. Here is la being happy-homemaker hostess. The lemon buttermilk sugar cookies were super yum, by the way.

And here we are enjoying the rest of her goodies.
photo (1)

How many partners out there can work together for 11 hours and still look forward to an evening of literary fun?

xo… back to work, and onto the 6th meeting of the day!



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3 responses to ““Do you two ever separate?”

  1. sarah

    i see fig preserves!! so predictable, la

  2. Is that Sarah Smith? I am so predictable. There’s fig spread. Drunken goat cheese. Prosciutto and melon. A whining, spoiled dog…

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