Portmanteau…the most interesting word I’ve learned since interrobang.

Holding down the fort this weekend while la is desert dancing (if you need a visual, here’s a picture of la desert dancing in 2008 that i raided from her flickr account):
air piano

Anyway, lots to do back here at the office! The highlight of my day, so far, is the new word I just learned from Rob Schwartz while sitting in a Pepsi meeting. He wrote it down for me so I wouldn’t forget.

Portmanteau! A great word for me to know since I’m constantly merging words and calling it good copywriting. Hehe.

Would “lali” be considered a portmanteau, of sorts?

Anyway, la, if you are getting reception at Coachella and can read this, Samson is doing great and totally remembered how to use the doggy door. I think we’ll go to the dog park tomorrow!

xo and trying to think of the perfect closing portmanteau (…it’s hard to do on command!)


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