How did VW get inside the lali brain?

So the world is full of strange happenings. And advertising isn’t immune from that.

Blog readers, do you remember a spot called Kidzilla? In which a kid destroys his entire toy collection… and only the Nissan Altima is strong enough to survive. A metaphor for how the real Altima can withstand the abuse of life. We hope you remember it, because that was a lali spot.

We also did a Funny or Die video in which a kid tries to destroy a pinata, but can’t, and so the Juke Guy comes to the rescue.

Here’s the kid:
magician 2

And here’s the kid with the pinata:
magician 1

Now, take a metaphor where a kid tries to destroy a toy that happens to be a car. Now take a pinata. Now take the EXACT SAME KID from our Juke video. And you’ve got a VW spot that just recently aired.

Here’s their spot:

(same kid omg!)

Crazy, right?! It’s like they were INSIDE OUR BRAINS, concepting with us, casting with us, and even art production reviewing with us, because the pinatas are the same colors.

Watch and be weirded out, just like we were. We hope there’s some doppelganger team a block away at Deutsch (VW’s ad agency), ad girls with glasses trying to make it in a world of mad men, bringing their three dogs to work, talking too loud and singing too much, working too late and maybe even blogging away, just like us. We’re glad that doppelganger team got to make their spot, as we can’t seem to get anything produced around here lately! And after all, it’s a cliche cuz it’s true – great minds think alike.


oh! and PS speaking of other things that look alike, li got a haircut! And not only does she look like Emma Stone, but she’s also beginning to look more like me… (also, we accidentally matched one day last week, the day I started writing this blog post and have finally finished it today!)

Emma Stone reference image fail:
photo 1

Emma Stone:

Lindsey Montague:

And matching us!
photo 4



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5 responses to “How did VW get inside the lali brain?

  1. Anonymous

    if anyone’s met you two, doppelgangers are unlikely…maybe it’s BECAUSE you talk so loudly that deutsch HEARD you

  2. Sasha

    Since your ad came out a while ago, doesn’t it seem likely they were “inspired” by yours??

  3. Sasha

    Oh and if Lindsey let me do her makeup again I could totally complete the Emma Stone likeness!

  4. Christopher

    They totally G-snatched your idea!!!

  5. Allyson

    umm, lali, you are too polite. i believe the word for what’s happening here is THIEVERY.

    oh and your copycats forgot a key ingredient, always executed perfectly by lali i must say: killer MUSIC. so sub par compared to your devil-in-disguise kidzilla.

    ok, i’m done.

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