Movin’ On Up!

So…. Look at this sad little cube. It used to be full of all of our packrat crap. And now it’s empty…

new cube

Gone are the days of us lying on the floor to concept and people making weird comments, gone are the days of singing duets with Omeed, gone are the days of Samson barking at every dog that walks by…

new cube
Hello to the third floor! We now sit in a hallway above some stairs with an eagle-eye view of the agency.
new cube
(can you spot li?)
And now, we climb two flights of stairs to go anywhere, we can be far louder because we’re more isolated, we can sleep on the floor (errr concept on the floor!) without interruption and we’ve got a lot more wall space to decorate!

See us in our new space…
new cube

Now see our empty wall spaces!
new cube
new cube

Any suggestions for how we should decorate? We’re open to them! We’ve got three HUGE walls and we’d like to cover up the yellow as it makes our skin look sickly in this cave-like light…

Back to concepting!

xo from the third floor yellow shipping containers,

PS Even though we moved, some things are still the same…
The new view



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4 responses to “Movin’ On Up!

  1. congrats! working hard for creative women everywhere!

  2. gillian murrell

    Fun, new space! I just bought a product called “Wall flowers”. They come on tacks that you can poke into the wall and create your own arrangement with an assortment of different sized graphic looking “flowers”.
    They come in white, black or limey-green. They look like flowers in flight :)

  3. omeed

    i miss you guys! but i love that i moved to the third floor too, and we can at least see each other!

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