this new business pitch is hard work!

the good news: la and i have been working on a big new business pitch at chiat over the last few weeks :)

the bad news: la and i had to work on ideas for the big new business pitch over the weekend :(

the good news: i recently bought a house with a pool, which proved to be the perfect breeding ground for brilliant ideas on a sunny saturday!

we started of our day with some yummy pancakes and bacon. la taught me that cooking bacon in the oven is definitely the way to go, and i agree. mm mmm.
photo 1

a little later, samson jumped in the pool because his lab instincts made him want to retrieve the ball super bad.
tyler jumped in the pool because him mom threw him. hehe.


and if you’re wondering why la’s laugh sounds a bit cackly in this video, i believe it had something to do with a 90s party the night before and lots of singing (except she was the only person who didn’t know the words to fresh prince of bel air because her mom didn’t let her watch tv in the 90s).

once we had finished our pancakes, had successfully drenched the dogs, and were on our 3rd round of orange/peach/mango mimosas, we took a moment to concept for work. sadly, drinking cocktails isn’t the number one best way to make lali productive, as evidenced by the time la fed me an entire bottle of sake. but luckily, we fought off the giggles and put a few ideas on paper.

it lasted about 12 minutes before la was ready to throw the dogs back in the pool.

no but really, we were concepting the whole time.

then i suggested strawberries!
Strawberries In The Sun!

then we thought of a few more ideas.

then la got in the pool with samson.

then we sunbathed a little.

truly, it’s a wonder we had anything to present to bob and patrick yesterday. but we did, and they seemed happy enough, so all in all it was a great saturday in long beach!

to celebrate, we went to see florence + the machine last night at the greek. can you guess which one of us was florence and which one was a machine???

xo and back to work, no seriously this time,


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