Our cameo at Cannes :)


Even though we didn’t get nominated for any awards this year, lali still made a small appearance at Cannes (a really big advertising award show).

The magazine distributed at the festival:
And here we are on page 43!

Soooo many thanks to Rob Schwartz and Patrick O’Neill for honoring us… we’re lucky enough to work at Chiat, let alone be recognized by you guys in front of our peers. There are a lot of talented young people here, and the fact that we came to mind in the first place is a surprise and a delight! We hope we can live up to the compliment by making good work that makes you and the agency proud :)

Oh and thanks to Chris MacNeil for sending us the pictures all the way from France (although we’re still jealous that you get to be in Cannes in person, and we only get to be there in pictures! Maybe next year…fingers crossed.) Congrats on all the great Pepsi Refresh Project work, hope you’re having a blast on the Riviera!

xo, li

Here’s the full shot if you want to see how awkward we are as models. (I had to tan myself a little in photoshop once I saw my whiteness next to La. Sad but true.)



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6 responses to “Our cameo at Cannes :)

  1. Sasha

    WOW! Congrats guys!

  2. sarah

    i am so so proud!!!! this is exciting :)

  3. I simply adore you advertising super geniuses.

  4. legs

    you guys rock! and i love the photoshop tanning confession…i whiten my teeth and do a general “beauty pass” in all of my important (read facebook profile pic) photos. :)

  5. Christopher

    Aw thank you!! YOU TWO deserve the recognition and to be there yourselves (I’ve got a good feeling about next year)!!! Congratulations! You’re super talented and so proud of you both of you. Also Margaret said helllo!! …Two copies of the book on the way :))

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