Bright Like Neon Love (or Do I Look More Creative?)

bright like neon love

So I love this album. And I love this band. Apparently, I love them so much that I want to be this album.

Yesterday, before I hopped onto a flight to Denver, I dyed my hair pink. Well, “atomic pink,” actually, among other colors. And when Candi at Paper Scissors Rock was putting NEON colors in the bleached, nasty straw ends of my hair during hour two at the salon yesterday, I couldn’t help repeating bright like neon love! bright like neon love! it’s just hair! bright like neon love! over and over again in my head.

Since I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before, I’m going to walk you through the steps as I carefully documented them on Instagram yesterday.

Step one:
Say good-bye to all brown hair and remind oneself that it’s just hair, and that I can cut it, grow it, dye it, do whatever I want with it if it looks terrible.
good-bye brown hair

Step two:
Apply bleach, look the tin foil man, sit under one of these things that look like space helmets and wait while my head overheats. Balk at my bleached hair, which looks nasty and like straw.
ombre hair bleached

Step three:
Mix colors. Or rather, watch while Candi mixes colors. Blue velvet. Pimpin Purple. Burgany Wine. Atomic Pink. Wait while she puts my hair in foil again. Sit under space man helmet heater again. Wait nervously.
ombre hair dye colors

Step four:
Take the foil out EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeek! I’m bright like neon love! Bright like rainbow brite! Bright like gaga’s monsters!
ombre pink hair final

Step five:
Know my hair is pink and purple, but forget what I actually look like and keep getting shocking but giggly looks at myself in various things like rearview mirrors, shop windows and other people’s stares on airplanes.
ombre hair pink dangerous driving

So then, I stepped on a plane, flew to Denver and came for focus group testing (uhhh whoops, I didn’t know clients were going to be here! I hope I look professional enough!). And while I can’t give away any of the secrets of what we’re testing, hopefully it means that along with making my hair pink, we may be making some commercials soon!

Until we can give you more details, enjoy this rambling lali lessons post on focus groups.

And enjoy how my ponytail (as photographed in the downtown Denver Sheraton last night) looks like it belongs on a my little pony – (or at least the Asian market dark haired version of my little pony)!
pink ponytail
baby moondancer

And finally, just as we pondered: do our glasses make us cool creatives? – I ask the blog readers the same, does my pink ombre hair make me a cooler creative?

pink paint dipped la!

PS More shots with better hair color examples!

Pink Ombre Hair

~~<(( !Pacific Fest! )>~~

Juke Wrap Party



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    i have a crush on you

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