copraLALIa, or “to talk feces” tehe

When li and I started this blog, we thought maybe no one would read it. Besides maybe us. And our closest friends who we would force to read it and then comment on it, but they would only read it because we forced them to by bribery, pleading and threats.

Some of that may still be true. However, it always makes us happy when people see other things and think of us! Like when Chris Adams pondered if l and l was like I and I, when Hobart Birmingham sent us a chair for lali and when Chase Madrid photoshopped our heads together like the original lali.

Well it’s happened again! Thanks Liz!! Of course some translation of feces and lots of talking would result in some lali reference :)

Picture 6

lalia = to talk. How appropriate!

Now we’ve got to get back to doing some talking. 5:30 presentation that’s supposed to take twenty minutes but when lali’s in the room laliang…. who knows how long it will take!

la of lalia


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