lali + lila, doppelganger strangeness

Well, the world is full of funny coincidences…

So, as per our women in advertising post, we were the only girl/girl team in the building. Until now!

As you know, li and I moved up to the third floor. And in our little empty seats down there, a new team of youngbloods moved in. Whose names just happen to begin with an la and an li. Lauren and Lina. And Lauren’s last name even begins with an “S!” AND she’s the copywriter! (PS I’ve already started getting emails meant for her!) And as coincidences continue, we’ve also been put on the same project, working together. Who woulda thunk it. So, when Bob and Patrick (who were our CDs for United, working under Rob and Patrick – Bob and Rob, Patrick and Patrick, what? huh? My brain just had a mild spasm) wanted to get some help for lali on this Infiniti campaign we’re working on, they thought it would be a good idea to put Lauren and Lina under Lauren and Lindsey.

It’s even been joked about by the higher ups in this building who have better things to do than remember our nicknames, but still do. Rob Schwartz is now calling them lila. And we’d like to introduce you to our doppelgangers.

The Li’s, in photo, at our old desk and their new one.
the li's!!
Meet Lina, and her book. She’s an Art Director from Austin, TX, went to Portfolio Center in Atlanta and most recently worked at Modernista in Boston. She also happens to be obsessed with reality TV and a die-hard UFC and MMA fan. Who wants to see LINDSEY VS. LINA in the cage together, duking it out over photoshopped fist punches, fouled logo designs and color correction grappling.

The La’s, in photo, at our old desk and their new one.
the la's!
Meet Lauren, and her book. She copywriting at VCU Brandcenter, but originally hail from Philly. She used to throw the javelin, has been painted in gold, is seven states shy of visiting the entire US and is a self-proclaimed movie reviewer (but more like life reviewer). Well, I can’t throw anything because I have terrible hand-eye coordination, let alone a javelin, but I have been painted entirely green, have visited exactly half of the states and love ummmm watching movies and reviewing life. Looks like we’ll get along.

Welcome lila to some Chiat Days and Nights and maybe we’ll get a guest adgirl blog post out of them one of these days :)

the OG “la”



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2 responses to “lali + lila, doppelganger strangeness

  1. gillian murrell

    Fun to read! Good luck to everyone ;-) and have fun…

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