Our Office Sustenance

After almost two years of complaining about the coffee here at Chiat, la and I took matters into our own hands this week. SO YUM!

Busting out the French Press!

It’s not that we’re coffee snobs, per se (though I did work as a barista at The Figaro, an organic parisian cafe in Los Feliz, for a few months where I learned a thing or two about fancy coffee). But everyone knows office coffee often tastes like water. A hardship we endure mostly because we spend over $4 on the smoothies that sustain us each morning and can’t justify another $4 for a latte.

cabbage patch smoothies

I started watching Madmen this past weekend when I realized it had finally been added to Netflix instant. That’s right, I’ve been presumptuously referencing Madmen all these years without actually having seen it. Whoops. Anyway, those guys always seem to have a cocktail, cigarette, or oyster in hand while concepting so at the very least we should be drinking some halfway decent coffee.

Or sneaking sugar-free red bulls from VBE. Or eating pink candy from the gumball machine!

I Want Caaaandy!

At any rate, all this lali energy has to come from somewhere!

xo and on my 4th cup of french press,



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8 responses to “Our Office Sustenance

  1. Mas

    I’m so sorry to write this and I’m certainly going to hell for being such a prick, but your posts make me despise advertising more than I already did. You’re a perfectly good writer and are certainly passionate about what you do, but that’s the problem right there. What the hell do you do? Take photos of new ad teams with similar names? Drink four cups of coffee from your fancy new machine? Work all night and take photos of your alleged exhaustion?

    Please stop. You’re both better than this. There’s nothing wrong with doing great ads, it’s even a fun profession. But stop writing about it. Nobody cares. Stop making advertising your life. Make it your job.

    Selfishly, I kind of hope you don’t stop writing these posts because whenever I need a reminder of how badly I need to escape this business I read them.

    • Super bummed that you don’t like our blog, I guess it’s not for everyone! Sounds like you work in advertising, too, so I’m sure you know there are many things about our lives and jobs that can’t or don’t make it on the blog :)

      PS I really appreciate the writing compliment, I’m actually the art director!

      xo, li

  2. Allyson

    Umm, three words for ‘Mas’: freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, DON’T read it. That’s typically how these things work. I guess ‘Mas’ stands for ‘Debbie Downer’, or is it ‘Negative Nancy’? Pretty sure Lali doesn’t need either of those ladies around here.

    Lali, I’ll continue to enjoy your journey and reading about it whenever I have a free moment (in between my cups of coffee, that is). Your words, jaunts, pups, campaigns, photos, and randomness are continually entertaining to me.

    • Allyson, you are the sweetest. We, of course, welcome all the feedback we can get, but the positive ones are certainly the best :)

      Thank you for your comments which always make us smile, and for your positive encouragement, which keeps us blogging. (love, la)

  3. Anonymous

    as a regular reader, I’d like to point out that Mas is completely wrong. There are too many ad blogs that take themselves way too seriously and use all their energy to slag off ads and agencies they don’t like. As a student trying to get in to the industry, I really enjoy reading about the day-to-dayness (word?) of your jobs. Keep writing and keep posting pics, because it’s always a good read and it’s inspiring to watch people really enjoying their work.

    And ‘Mas’ is short for ‘Chronic Masturbator’. So there.

    Regards, the guy with the crush.

    • Thanks anonymous :) We’re really glad you like and read the blog. It IS silly. But it’s also us. And it’s not our whole life, but it’s certainly our 9 to 5 (was that 5am?). Seriously, thanks :)

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  5. Andrew The O

    So I think I should get you some coffee… You don’t happen to be around Seka this Sunday do you??

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