“buh BAH, buh BAH” …lali sings the stress away!

Well, a lot happened while li was gone.

I went to a wedding in Cincinnati (Congratulations Mrs. King!).
The girls at Taylor's wedding

I got a tattoo.
e.e. cummings tattoo
*when li looks at it she see l(a!
and isn’t it a lovely ee cummings poem!?

I turned 28. (no pictures because I essentially spent my birthday working until 2:30a!)

I worked a lot. (also no pictures, as I was too busy working!)

As for li, she was sorely missed. I even made my own mood board and key frames without her!

But li was also busy, here’s what she was up to:

flew to rhode island
which way to sasha's wedding?
hung out with goats at best friend’s wedding (congratulations Sasha Wexler!)
li and goats
gave a maid of honor speech
maid of honor

(not pictured):
took a free train ride to NYC
did karaoke with a bar full of firemen on 9/11
flew to see family/friends in virginia
drove to see family in maryland
drove to see friends in DC
drove really far to see her other best friend who is pregnant (!!!)
slept on plane
get picked up at LAX by me
and went straight to work
oh, and brought me sunglasses from DC!
My new sunglasses, with <3 from li!

But now she’s back! And that’s good, because I really needed someone to apply ointment to my healing back.

Tattoo Care

And having someone to help me concept isn’t too bad either.

(and good thing, because we made a 39 page PDF in a day last night, oh wait, make that a day and a night)

39 page PDF

Welcome back li to a tattooed, 28-year-old la and congratulations to all our newly married friends! May your romantic partnerships be as rewarding, fulfilling, honest, loving, supportive, exciting & fun as our work partnership!



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