Two-Year Anniversary Week! day one.

Two years ago today, la and I were saying goodbye our respective agencies and heading to Chiat together. It seemed like a good idea, but we never could have imagined the super fun adventure that has unfolded over the last 730 days.

day one of matching!

In true lali form, we have decided to wear matching outfits all week, to celebrate!

Today’s LaLi Outfit:
It was subtle, and not that many people noticed, but we had fun!
More Matching!
Even the shoes!

Today’s LaLi Flashback:
When la mentioned the Cut Copy show she’s going to on Wednesday, we had flashback of our very first assignment here at Chiat. Kerry, Ken, and Chris had given us some running footage, and wanted ideas that would show the Altima as long-lasting. So we threw together this little gem:


Sadly, it turned out the clients were not as big of Cut Copy fans as lali was, so we almost sold through this version:


Of course, nothing ever came of all this work, but it was a fun and memorable crash course into the world of Chiat. And once la and I discovered we were both willing to shamelessly dance at our cubicles at any time of the day or night, we knew we had discovered a partnership we could love for a long, long time :)

xo to my other half on our anniversary!

a PS added by la: Ken & Chris, while Chris you are still here, we miss working with you. And Ken, you are not, and we miss working with you too! But what we miss more is Chren, our two grumpy old men who wish those ad girls would shut up! xo to Chren and to li, we’ll never shut up!


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  1. Congrats to my two favorite creatives in the biz! Keep up the amazing work!

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