Two Year Anniversary Week! day two.

You’ll never guess… today we matched AGAIN!

The biggest arcade fire fans!

Arcade Fire t’s. Skinny dark jeans. Matching Tom’s (which, incidentally, we bought TOGETHER and then, of course, blogged about). And today, people actually noticed (we either got scoffs, eye rolls, or “you two are so cute exclamation point” – bet you can guess which ones came from boys and which from girls!).

In a happy instance of coincidence, Justin Taylor (aka the smarmy bum), also matched us today, minus the AF fervor.

Matching Week Day Two. Unsuspecting victim: thesmarmybum

Which brings me to…

Today’s LaLi Flashback:

So we may be the ad world’s biggest Arcade Fire fans. Lots of great memories. We’ve seen them in concert together. “Win Butler haircut” is one of the most frequent search terms used to reach And we’ve definitely blogged about them a few times. Seeing them in Big Sur, or at Coachella, or that other time we wore matching Arcade Fire t-shirts.

But the best memory associated with Arcade Fire doesn’t include live music from the band or even their t-shirts. It involves many sleepless nights in VBE editing a running footage spot (yeah, more running footage, we’ve worked on cars!) in which we introduced the electric car. And you know you really love a band when you hear the song over and over and over and over again as you move frames around and re-edit and get late night delivery In-N-Out and then frame push some more and then do the client mandated editing and some more and more and more all to the same track over and over again and you STILL want to listen to that song. That was the case with this one:

Quite Like This

And in a sad turn of events, we didn’t actually get to put this song on this spot. They pulled out the day before the spot shipped because it was the day after the Super Bowl and “Wake Up” had been overplayed. And then I read a New York Times article in which Win Butler says: ‘It’s not like we’d license Keep the Car Running to a car company.’ And then I actually met Win Butler and had the foot-in-mouth instinct to tell him about said article and that I knew his secret – that he almost did. To us. Bad move, la. Bad move.

At the end of the day, my foot in my mouth and the song NOT in the spot doesn’t really matter when we reminisce on this later. What matters is that we both can love this song after listening to it over and over. And even better, we can still love each other after listening to ourselves over and over.

xo to my lovely partner li, I love you more than I love “Keep the Car Running,”


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