Two-Year Anniversary Week! day three.

Day three was our best day of matching yet! See if you can tell in this blurry, deformed bathroom photo. The key was matching metallic scarves:
Day Three of Matching, captured in the ladies restroom

Today’s LaLi Flashback:
When pondering a flashback for this post, we couldn’t really land on just one. A tense meeting helped to remind us of all the times we felt like this over the past two years:
Grumpy About That Conference Call
The Juke iAd
Our occasional quarrels
The day we found out Chris and Margaret were leaving Chiat
The gazillionth time our work died
The time la and I couldn’t agree on the roll-out plan for our Funny or Die videos
All the times the Nissan CMO kept changing
All the times we didn’t get to enjoy our vacations, thanks to advertising
Concept testing
Ridiculous all-nighters
The time people people called la sexist (against women…!)
and most recently
The time people got mad at us for Chiat’s “Iconic” pledge

But then again, there were lots of times we felt like this:
Happy About Matching
So it’s all worth it :)

For happier flashbacks, click here for an overview of things that made us smile during LaLi year one.

xo to la, and sorry I didn’t write this last night but I ended up working kind of late and put it off til this morning, so, sorry again…



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2 responses to “Two-Year Anniversary Week! day three.

  1. yeah, you two are too cute.

    • SIMONE, you’re hands down our best commenter. we love you, and we’re discussing some kind of honor like a “lali’s best commenter” tshirt. or maybe we can just treat you to lunch at chaya playa?!?

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