Two-Year Anniversary Week! day four.

Day four of matching. Pretty darn cute, due to the red shoes!

Matching Day 4!

We got these t-shirts when we went to go see Gayngs at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. Pretty good show!

But now the subject of this blog post. The subject of this blog post in twofold: part one is something funny that happened at the office, which was a big relief during a taxing day of befuddled brains.

Here it is:

We were busy concepting away on Kraft. And didn’t get some comps sent off. We got an email from Infiniti Account Girl jokingly asking us to get those comps out ASAP. I informed them Lindsey was off to pee and then she’d send it off. Email exchange here:

potty email

So Patrick Condo, Infiniti Creative Director, said: “that’s why she has a laptop.” Implying she should be exporting PDFs while peeing.

Little did Patrick Condo & Infiniti Account Girl know this:

potty email

So, here’s to situational irony & bathroom humor at the office! Here’s to Lindsey coincidentally peeing and exporting a PDF/emailing simultaneously and then someone jokingly suggest THE VERY SAME DAY that she do THAT VERY SAME THING.

It made for many guffaws & giggles after a taxing day.

Which brings me to our walk down laliadverts memory lane for this post.

Times When We Were Working Really Hard And Then Something Funny Happened Or We Did Something Fun And Everything Was Better!

Like that one time, where we had to work over xmas break, and we took our iChat concepting really seriously.

iChat Concepting
iChat Concepting

Or when li decorated my cube for my birthday and my mom sent me cupcakes.

happy bday1
happy bday 2

When we worked hard for the money.


Or when li when insane in the membrane and dedicated it to me.

lali ignore disco

When we had to pose as college students for a photoshoot that one time,

lali photoshoot, TBWA\Chiat\Day
lali photoshoot, TBWA\Chiat\Day

When we wore mustaches for a photoshoot that other time.


When we hung out with “homeless” people and clowns on a Funny or Die shoot.

photo 3
photo 6

When our dogs cheered us up,

late night sizzle video making

And our creative directors cheered us on.


When we lived out some Chiat Days and Nights.


And when we dressed as Chiat Day and Night for Halloween.

lali dresses as chiat day and night

When we made holly jolly hot toddies from lali for the holidays.

lali holiday present @ TBWA\Chiat\Day

And pancakes when concepting remotely.

photo 1

When we discovered “thingsrealpeopledon’tsayaboutadvertising” (which is really funny!)

When bands played on the basketball court,


And Samson played in the pool.


And most importantly, when we got in a fight and solved it with crepes.

lali shares a crepe, @ margarita mix

Because at the end of the day, this job & our partnership may get stressful or hard, but it’s worth it. And we’re better together than we are apart.

Happy two year anniversary li, I wouldn’t trade you for any other chatterbox, song-writing, song-singing, mass idea-generating, giggle maniac art director in the world!



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One response to “Two-Year Anniversary Week! day four.

  1. yay! that was sweet, la. being 50% of lali with you is so fun :)
    xoxo, thanks for such a memorable anniversary week!
    and thanks to people who read our blog for putting up with our girlish sentimentality!!!

    xo, li

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