Creative Outlets Outside the Office (part deux)

last week, we learned about la’s secret side skill, photography. now it’s my turn to discuss my extra-curricular creativity, but i’m having a hard time deciding what to share with you lovely people. my high school french teacher used to call me a dilettante, and a friend recently called me the same, and i think it’s probably actually kind of true.

when i was little, it was all about dancing, acting, and singing. i was even on TV a couple times:

in high school, i started drawing a lot:

and even made a few ad campaigns to help get my friends elected to school office. i can’t find the image ANYWHERE but one favorite poster idea went something like this:
POSTER 1: “Hi I’m Troy McLure. Vote for Scott Weckstein for President”
POSTER 2: “Hi I’m Troy McLure. You may remember me from such campaign posters as ‘the one over there’ and ‘this one!’ Vote for Scott Weckstein for President”
(i was really into the simpsons back then. sorry if it’s not funny to anyone now.)

in college, i was a competitive cheerleader, and making up stunts and routines was definitely the most fun way to be creative! (i’m the one in red):
JMU all-girl cheerleading pyramid

i started my own dictionary when i was in 5th grade, i went through a phase where i was passionate about fat-free cooking, then interior design, and i made my own line of tshirts using spray paint. and i’ve always ALWAYS been making up really dumb songs (about the redskins, the bulls, my dogs, my friends, and things that strike me as fun or interesting in any way… and, as my mom reminded me in a comment, recycling, fibbonacci numbers…)

but as a dilettante, you’re not SUPER good at any one thing. luckily my grandparents suggested i “go into advertising” or else who knows what i would have done to make a living :)

lately, my most fun extra-curricular creative activity has been my tumbr, — here, you’ll find things that i make (or shoot) that i find funny!

for example, “social media in the seven kingdoms”


when chipping nail polish resembles geography (click here to see what else my nail polish resembles!)
this nail polish resembles Africa

or my dog penny trying to get me out of a ticket:
penny flirts with a cop

i hope you find what i find funny funny too! and please check back… you just never know what i might find funny next time!!!




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2 responses to “Creative Outlets Outside the Office (part deux)

  1. leslie

    And the recycling rap in 2nd grade…and the fibonacci numbers in 7th grade… and…

  2. Allyson

    troy mcclure, i love it! i think you’re funny :)

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