F*cking Creatives & Douchey Account Guys

It’s the new year. And we’re back to work.

And since we’re back to work, what better way to celebrate than by making fun of people at work.

A couple months ago, li shared a link on Peter Estermann‘s Facebook wall. It was a link to doucheyaccountguys.tumblr.com. And Peter just happens to be one of our FAVORITE douchey account guys.

account guy

And then today, we found a link (retaliation from enraged account teams everywhere?) called fuckingcreatives.tumblr.com.

A few samples below.

Douchey Account Guy
douchey account guy

Fucking Creatives
fucking creatives

Needless to say, it was the source of much mirth on our shoot day today. Many of the quotes are surprisingly accurate and therefore funny. And what’s particularly funny about them is that they follow a theme… notedly, account people trying to get creatives to do more work, do it on time, and do it in a way client’s will buy it. And creatives trying to get out of work, extend the deadline, do work exactly the way THEY want and not the client wants, or only do things if there is free food involved.

So, fellow madmen and girls, what are your favorite advertising catch phrases? Go to the tumblr blogs and submit one of your own!


PS Where am I supposed to be at 2p?



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2 responses to “F*cking Creatives & Douchey Account Guys

  1. Peter Estermann

    Lauren: “Can I get a press pass to Coachella? I need it for……inspiration.”

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