Happy Birthday To Li!

It’s Friday the 13th!

It’s also li’s 30th birthday! O M G !

We got pizza from li’s mom! (thanks!)

And a cake from the crew on our print shoot!

And a card (shot by our wonderful photographer Sue Tallon)
30th birthday

So, in honor of her birthday, I thought we could all celebrate li, and thank her for being born so we get to enjoy all the fun things about her!

That includes lots of singing:
lali the band

And dancing:

lali ignore disco

And dressing up:
Thing Li in the lunchroom

Working hard:
tired & concepting

And working late:
late night sizzle video making

Cheering people on:
JMU all-girl cheerleading pyramid

(and cheering people up!):
iChat Concepting

Having fun:
lali & santa

And making other people have fun:


By always unabashedly being herself!

And since it’s not just me (la!) who gets the benefits of li’s wonderful personality, here are a couple notes from the people closest to her about the things they love about li!

god of thunder

“I appreciate her generous and genuine spirit, her energy and enthusiasm!”
-Laura Riley, Lady Battery

“I appreciate Lindsey’s loving, warm heart, her loyalty, generosity, outgoingness, creativity, tenacity, honesty, intelligence and above everything else: her friendship.”
-Kim Argetsinger, Lady Battery

“Easily one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met.”
-Dave Estrada, Art Director

“LL (the nickname I gave my little teeny tiny friend years ago) is one of the brightest most beautiful lights I’ve had the pleasure of soaking in. Her kindness, creativity and tenderness run eternal. She shares her love with everyone she knows, without holding back even an ounce. I love this amazing creature and appreciate her for helping me back on the path. Happy Birthday, LL.”
-Simone DeBlasio, Best Blog Commenter Ever

“I love Lindsey’s contagious energy and constant smile. You can hear it in her voice, and even in her e-mails. When things are pretty gloomy, she’ll be the one cheering for everybody to look on the bright side.
The number of gal pals she has and length of her friendships is a true testament to what a great friend she is.”

-Elizabeth Van Blargen, Li’s Former Partner & Copywriter

“Within about 20 minutes of meeting Lindsey I knew we would be lifelong friends, and selfishly I was determined to make sure she moved to LA just so I could have her in my life more. Not that that’s unusual – anywhere we go Lindsey seems to make new friends. Her smile and enthusiasm are infectious, and her spirit is supportive and giving. We’ve laughed together (within 20 minutes of disrobing on our first group venture to the Korean Spa, Lindsey had us all in stitches as she made us all check our inhibitions at the door with her glorious nude cheerleading routine. Yes, it’s true. And it was ah-mazing), we’ve cried together (I’ll always remember our plane ride to NYC for my 20-something birthday when we somehow ended up in tears just listening to song lyrics), and she’s always, always been there with a shoulder to lean on. I feel eternally blessed and fortunate to have a friend like Lindsey. There’s no one else quite like her; Lindsey is unabashedly.. well, Lindsey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
-Lisa Jay, Wonderful Friend

“I’ve been best friends with Lindsey for a quarter of a century! She’s the girl you want on your corner, especially if you have to make up a song or a cheerleader-inspired dance, or if you need someone to cheer you on in a torrential downpour while you run a marathon!”
-Sasha Wexler, Best Friend, Opposite Twin, Stacy to her Diana

“I love Lindsey because the word “no” is not in her vocabulary. She is passionate and goes after what she wants in life and I admire that.”
Marcella Simmons, Friend & New Mom!

“Lindsey is always smiling, and she smells nice even when she’s not wearing perfume.”
-Nick Ciffone, Baby Copywriter

And the most lovely message from li’s mom!
“I really, really, really wanted a girl this time.
Lindsey was a really, really fussy girl but I didn’t care because it gave me an excuse to spend hours each day doing nothing but rocking her and humming “hush little baby, don’t say a word” in her ear.
She was born in a snow storm on the day the Air Florida plane crashed into the bridge over the Potomac River and the first fatalities happened on the DC Metro which made us cuddle even closer
She hated baby sitters and was only happy when riding on my hip which always made me feel special and loved
She loved school and was always the most organized and ambitious, yet caring and fair student in her class
Once someone earned her trust, she was willing to ski downhill and be a cheerleader for the 110 pound football team at three years of age
She let me drag her to piano lessons, a sport per season (swim team, soccer, little league, basketball, junior golf, tennis, lacrosse, gymnastics) , art lessons, ballet, tap, Girl Scouts, Indian Princesses, horse back riding, and most importantly: AWANA, children’s choir at church, drama productions and musicals at big church, bible study, and Sunday school.
She has the gift of encouragement and uses it freely
She allows her mom to routinely embarrass her on facebook
And most importantly, she loves the Lord and lives to honor Him with her life and cares deeply about those around her.”

-Leslie Montague, li’s Mom!!

li, thanks for being born 30 years ago! And we hope we have you in our lives for another 30 and more!

lindsey, age 2.5




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2 responses to “Happy Birthday To Li!

  1. wow! i’m speechless (not really).

    happy 30th LL!

    you are in such amazing company – lauren is a super star and you are perfect for each other!

    (these are super miniature hugs and kisses because they’re cuuuute!)

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