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Got a Mission? The Juke Guy can help!

So after the “Donut Action” spot and the iAd, it’s clear: the Juke Guy and his Juke make even the uncoolest mission cooler. So we partnered with Funny or Die to take real people’s missions – “Do my homework.” “Babysit my kids.” “Teach me origami!” – and transform them from lame, everyday chores to the coolest, funniest, action adventure.

People had to “like” the Nissan Juke on Facebook, submit a mission to the “Mission Submission” application and then for a lucky few, the Juke Guy, his Juke and a Funny or Die film crew showed up at their door to complete their mission.

Submit your own Mission here.
And check out the first installment, “All Washed Up” here:

xo, li


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More Missions for Donuts!

Nissan Juke CYOA

So, blog readers, lali has been working on a lot of Juke and therefore you’ve been reading a lot about Juke. Seems like we can’t stop blogging about it. Guess that’s just how car launches go, and how our life as creatives go when we’re working on a car launch.

With yet another reason to go on a mission to get donuts, we turned our iAd into a YouTube choose your own adventure of sorts.

Here’s chapter 1: “ACCEPT”

Now, the adventure is fun and all. And it looks cool. And there’s some funny lines for those who read them – mothertrucker, meoww, employee of the month!.

But the funnest lines weren’t the ones we wrote, but the comments we got on the videos…

Such as:
“I’m a beast, and my dude became employee of the month in less than 5 mins. CAN’T BEAT THAT!!!”


(after choosing to flirt with the hot girl instead of deliver the donuts)
“i lost and got a hot date
even when i fail I win


the kind lali can give each other lali surround pats on the back for:
“Why can’t all ads be this fun?”
“wow using the youtube features to have a choose-your-own-adventure_ that pretty good marketing”
“This is probably the most fun thing Ive done all day.”


the obligatory video smashing that always comes with YouTube posts:
“i’m so bored. i’m acually doing this lame ass shit… lol
anyone else here for that reason?? XD”
“that sucked balls…”
“cool… but Im still not gonna buy your car.”
“Dear Nissan, thank you for wasting 5 minutes of my life”


some personal favorites of mine:
“It took me half an hour to do beat it”
“At least I didn’t have to watch any ads in the beginning”


So guys, waste five minutes of your life (or half an hour) doing the funnest thing you’ll do all day… and see if you can get employee of the month lmao hahahaha ftw XD awesome WOOO!! lol meowwwwwwww *jumps the table* dun dun duuuun duuuh i am the donut master ftw:) OMG

Oh, and if we could ask a favor… On search, the last video has the most comments and is therefore coming up first! So if you guys could comment/like the first one so it starts showing up FIRST in search, that would be AWESOME! And we will repay you in lalipops and smiles…


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Mission: Donuts… and oh! What a mission it was!

A man. A plan. Some donuts. (Our iAd.)

On August 11, I wrote a post about TBWA\Chiat\Day\Night. On that night, we ended up almost pulling an all-nighter. And by almost, I mean li left at 6a to go get ready for her wedding and I left at 6a, went home, took a shower, and came back to the office at 8a.

What came out of that night was a client presentation for the digital launch of the new Nissan Juke. And out of all that work, the one big thing that has consumed the past few months with blood-shot eyes, sweat (in our armpits, usually when presenting to Rob Schwartz) and tears (because yes, we’re girls) – oh, and carpal tunnel syndrome and degenerating eyesight for AD li – is our iAd. (What’s an iAd? Check here)

It’s the 27th iAd ever made. And the process showed that strain. More meetings than for any other project ever. More struggles and discussions and decisions than we thought possible. And since there aren’t any best practices yet, every step was a learning process. But a great one.

After 13 copydecks,
Juke iAd Copydeck, from lali @ TBWA\Chiat\Day

27 versions of the userflow and wireframes,
Juke iAd Userflow, from lali @ TBWA\Chiat\Day
Juke iAd Wireframe

161 PSDs with hundreds of layers,
Juke iAd PSD Folders, from lali @ TBWA\Chiat\Day

and a little bit of broken glass.
lali breaks the glass, @ the Nissan Juke shoot

The final product might not reflect all that work. What Steve Jobs refers to as the “superbowl ad of mobile ads,” is still, after all, a mobile ad (albeit hopefully a good one!). But what we learned through the process is probably far more valuable than the creative work that came out of it. Which is probably true for most advertising.

So without further rambling,

(Or maybe just a little bit more rambling,)

Here is what a creative director at Apple called “being able to taste the chocolate,” without actually eating any.

Or should we say more like tasting donuts.

The first-ever comic book iAd,

A choose-Kowalcyzk’s-adventure that you control,

We present –

Mission: Donuts

Watch it here,

Or look for it in your pocket.

xo to Chren, JDB, Glenndylan, Keith, Janet, Lisa and the rest of the team, without which we wouldn’t have donuts at all,



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farewell “en” of chren… your grumpiness will be missed :(

for those of you who read our blog’s comments, you’ll recognize the name chren… lali’s crotchety foil whose tagline goes something like “two grumpy madmen who wish those adgirls would shut up.”

well, the other day, la and i learned mr. ken pappanduros (or, “en”) is leaving us for the greener pastures and customizable schedules of the freelance world. good for him!

ken would have you believe he’s a salty advertising curmudgeon, but don’t you believe it. he and his art director partner chris were two of the five friendly faces we met when we interviewed at chiat. we liked them right away, and i guess they liked us too because we got the job! since then, they have been awesome ACDs, allies, and faithful blog readers during our time together at chiat. i’ve only seen the chren persona in action ONE time… when en hung up on an account guy who was asking him to do (potentially) unnecessary work. classic.

anyway, wednesday night was ken’s grand finale, and we celebrated over beers at the price o’ whales… as evidenced by they photos of lali being lali and chren being chren.

laliadverts lalichren1b

laliadverts lalichen2b

the other highlight of the evening was the premiere of chren’s new commercial for the nissan juke, which you can enjoy here:

and here’s a fun shot of us being starstuck with Brett Erlich, star of the spot :)


lali played a role in kowalczyk’s donut adventure. more on that to come… stand by!

xo en, sionara for now, until you’re our creative director someday!




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