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Oxygen is good for the brain, and brains are good for lali.

An aerial shot of lali working on the floor.

We find that all the oxygen to the brain is good for work flow. Note Penny on my chest and the empty case of red bull by my desk. Someone walked by and told li she looking like she was in final savasana. One of the major joys of being a creative person is that you can lie on the floor and people think that’s just how you get creative work done. That may be true, or I could just be hungover.

If Chris Adams is reading this blog, it’s the former.


PS listening to “ready for the floor” in honor of all the creative ideas concepted while on the floor. Listen to Ready for the Floor.

PPS lali often does strange things around the office. two to one when we lay on the floor, we get raised eyebrows, laughs, or the occasional comment like ‘that’s how you get work done.’



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Quote from li today: “I’m all for gangbangs, but they just need some structure.”

No wonder people give us weird looks when I introduce her as “my partner Lindsey.”

Some of the words we use in advertising really are strange when taken out of context.

Like “scrape the web.”

But back to gang bangs. Seems like every project we do, all hands on deck is the way it trends. Sometimes, it means we work more for less. Sometimes, it means someone else solves the problem before we even start and we get nights off.

More time for sleepover time with Penny tonight!



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we’ve never made one quite like this.

the car, we mean. It’s a brand spot that introduces LEAF, Nissan’s 100% electric vehicle.

Quite Like This


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the making of: “quite like this”

Check out the lali photo gallery for some behind the scene pictures, including Penny as a stand-in model for the dogs in the cube.

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