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lali on tv!! Nissan Kidzilla spot!

So I was sitting on the couch last night doing work on our next project, and I hear the strands of Elvis’ “Devil in Disguise” on the television. And lo and behold, I look up to see our commercial playing on TV! We thought the spot wasn’t going to air until next Thursday during a football game. My boyfriend Noah was really stoked because it meant I wouldn’t complain about watching the game… Sorry, Noah, but it looks like I may be complaining after all!
And to quote TBWA\Chiat\Day’s own Rob Schwartz:

“This is the culmination of nearly a year’s worth of plotting, inventing, presenting, persuading, testing, kvetching, re-inventing, re-presenting, cajoling, producing, praying, editing, re-editing, finishing and now, alas, broadcasting.”

So here is it, Kidzilla, from lali:

And for a behind the scenes look at all the hard work, check out our “Making of Kidzilla” gallery:

Making of Kidzilla, Bathtub Scene

Cheers to work on television!




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Back to life, back to reality.

If an 80s song just spontaneously popped into your head, enjoy the music video here

Anyway… looks like la was really busy while I was gone, but li is back in action and ready to steal her away from the new men in her life! So watch out, boys.

I may have been on the road for 11 days of honeymoon bliss, but la was with us in musical spirit. What a sweet partner.


And here are a few shots of what I was up to while la was selflessly slaving away in the idea warehouse — aka, Chiat Day.






see more honeymoon photos here

xo to la, who I missed and even dreamed about!


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lali lessons in advertising #3: be an angel’s advocate

angel's advocate

So now that I’m working with all these new partners, I am having to adapt my work style to fit everyone else. Or at least I hope I am! The boys may say something different.

Either way, concepting late night last night with Dave, I was reminded – and probably wasted ten minutes of our precious concepting time telling him about it – of something that my old partner at RPA (xoxo Brian Farkas!) and I used to do together.

While we walked to CVS to get red bulls, or had Brian write at the tallest part of the white board that I couldn’t reach in 2317, or I lay down with blankets and pillows in the Acura team room eating Soybean chinese food or Brazilian cheese balls, we tried to always be Angel’s Advocates.

You can never be scared to say a bad or stupid idea in front of your partner. And with new people, that’s hard to do. But with Brian, we always tried to remember that just because it sounds stupid at first doesn’t mean it can’t lead to something amazing. Inconvenient Poops and whatnot. So instead of shooting down stupid thoughts, we tried to Angel’s Advocate everything. Believe in another person’s ideas enough to make them shine.

Of course, it goes without saying that la and li are always angel advocating lali ads. It’s just something that I’ve been attempting to remember now as she’s gone, and hoping I am really doing. Also hoping to sell some new concepts after a tough week of work.



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The Soundtrack to Our Commercial Lives

So one of my favorite parts of this job is searching for music. It’s SO MUCH FUN.

And music can really make something fall flat. Or it can make the spot bigger than it ever was.

For Kidzilla, for instance, we threw up probably a hundred songs against that picture, and Elvis just stuck. We cal it demo love.

So in honor of all the hours spent searching for music for mashups, kid destruction, timelapse, polar bears, running footage and soy manifestos, I’ve spent a couple hours just reveling in the good choices other people have made.

So enjoy Pink Moon here:

There’s a spot where the song seals in the magic. There’s also a couple instances where – maybe – the commercial was a waste of a good song. Not naming any names, but you’ll hear them in the playlist.

So enjoy it on 8tracks,
lscribbly’s Adtunes playlist


PS A lalipop for anyone who can list almost all the spots…

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Infidelity & Good Press

kid infidelity

Four boys at once.

Li is off on the Clatterbucks do California honeymoon and I am left, lonely, at the office. And since there are so many projects going on but I have no partner, I’ve been paired with four different ones on all different projects.

I feel like I’m cheating on my partner. I think I told someone I was asked to pick up another project with a fifth art director and they called me a slut! Five boys at once! But that’s not really it. It’s just that this staying late at the office thing with boys is just so not the same! I mentioned Mary Poppins, Regina Spektor and shooting stars today all to blank faces.

To Garman Yip, Chris Lynch, Paulo Cruz and Dave Estrada, you are wonderful partners and we really are doing awesome work, but you are not my li.

To li, have fun, but not too much fun that you leave for maternity leave. I don’t think I could handle longer than three weeks without you.



P.S. Nissan is getting some press today, which means Chiat is getting some press today, and happily, also li! An official post about this very exciting new spot from laliadverts is in line, but I just can’t do it without the Mrs. We worked too hard together on this one for me to post alone.

Check it!

Nissan Moves from ‘Shift’ to ‘Innovation’ from NYTimes

Nissan Unveils Four New Innovation for All Spots from Autoblog

Nissan Leaf Pitches Innovation from Adweek

Nissan Kicking Off Fun New Campaign (FEATURING KIDZILLA BY LALIADVERTS!) from USA Today


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Introducing Mrs. Clatterbuck and a Lonely La.

lali at the wedding

So Lindsey Montague is officially Lindsey Clatterbuck.

I wrote a limerick that has yet to be published. I am so going to get in trouble with Mrs. Lindsey Clatterbuck for posting this, but it’s just a travesty if the lali blog readers don’t get to read this one. And she’s on her honeymoon not checking the blog, while I’m at the office with no partner in my cube, which means the la of lali has to do something while her more responsible, adult, married half is gone. Lindsey, consider this like my party that I had where the cops showed up and some drunk boy like Omeed broke your pink lamp and Chase Madrid walked off with your favorite flash drive while you were gone.

You just can’t trust the kids when you are out of town.

And the long awaited limerick:

There once was a girl who had the good luck

To be engaged to a boy named Clatterbuck.

Giving up Montague

Might make one blue.

But at least they can finally fuck!

And for those of you who can’t wait for the official wedding photos, check out this gallery.

Mr. and Mrs. Clatterbuck - 06


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Mrs. Clatterbuck to be.

This is li pre ceremony! Lali was early for the first time ever an good thing because it’s li’s wedding!

More updates to come!


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