It’s official, Kraft Salad Dressing is now seeing other foods.

In the busy world of advertising, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget to post important things like the big ad campaign you launched. 5 months ago.

Without further ado (and before another 5 months flies by) here’s a mini tribute to the fun Kraft campaign la and I poured our hearts into this year.


tired & concepting

So here’s what happened.
After we realized that salad dressing is used on so much more than salad, we convinced the awesome people at Kraft to change the name of their product line. Everyone at Chiat thought it was a fun idea! Lettuce, on the other hand, was not as stoked…

And here is an overview of the 360° campaign.

Now, on the eve of our 3-year Chiat anniversary, la and I are busy trying to sell credit cards and airplane tickets and we’re sad to say the lali blog (177 posts and 40,000 views later) has taken a back seat. But who knows! You might still hear from us from time to time ;)

Sending out lots of lali love and kisses to adgirls & madmen & lalifans everywhere,


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