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This year, Coachella had both la AND li

Rewind a year ago and you’ll see that la is a loyal Coachella goer. In fact, she’s gone six years straight. But this past April, in true lali fashion, we finally went together! Three days of nonstop music and desert dancing to some of our very favorite bands. It was unforgettable.

Music is not only something we both love, it’s a huge part of our jobs. Music supervision as it relates to advertising was summed up by our pal Michael Gross (who gets credit, among other things, for finding the perfect Elvis song for our Nissan “Kidzilla” spot) in this recent interview. For our current production, he and the team spent countless hours looking for the perfect tracks, then the perfect artists to perform the perfect covers, spanning every genre and era of music we could possibly think of. We finally landed on a preeetttyyyy fun soundtrack… more on that soon!! :)

And though music often comes to us at Chiat, sometimes we just have to to go to the music… So here’s a peek at what Coachella 2012 was like through the eyes of lali!

We danced… Coachella 2012

…and danced Coachella 2012

…and danced our faces off Coachella 2012

We matched our outfits, duh! Coachella 2012

and got lost in the music Coachella 2012

We ran into LOTS of Chiat friends Coachella 2012

and made awesome new pals Coachella 2012

We saw gorgeous sights Coachella 2012

and heard incredible sets Coachella 2012

We pretended we knew how to play instruments Coachella 2012

and confirmed that we would be friends for life Coachella 2012

Here’s to you, Coachella. I will definitely be back next year! Coachella 2012

(um, we already preordered our tickets…)

xo, li

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