Why lali?

So there are many reasons we have the name “lali.”

First of all, our names begin with the letters la (for lauren) and li (for lindsey).

When we googled our little phrase, something quite interesting popped up.

A convenient metaphor in the shape of a girl born with two heads, connected by one brain. Seems apt, no?

For the original lali, click here.

For this lali, see here:

And finally, lali adverts may sound like a phrase you’ve heard before? It probably does. But not because lali is famous or anything. Yet.

It’s probably a phrase buried deep in your childhood, like the 50 nifty United States. And it comes from Schoolhouse Rocks. As we’re not hooked up in the ad world enough to get production companies to do free custom animation for our fledgling blogging attempt (probably five years too late, so yeah, maybe we’ll start a twitter feed too, or a tumblr, or something else you haven’t heard of yet but we have cuz we’re just that tapped into to the digital space), you’re stuck with a youtube link and a cartoon of the original.

Enjoy the inspiration for the adverts part of lali adverts, right here.

xo, lali

*side dish: the opinions on this blog are solely lali. we may work at chiat day, but we certainly don’t speak for all of chiat day. that’s why we’ve got a PR department!

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