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you know you’ve made it when you’ve made failblog

this just in! our banner made it onto


this totally made my week! never in all my life did i think i would make an ad that would end up on this hilarious site. sheer dumb luck with the ad placement. thanks OMD …i blame ravi naik our former media guy.

oh, juke.

this is just too, too perfect. maybe la and i can start concepting fails on purpose!!



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DJ Sammie Gets a Shout Out in Bon Appetit!

So when you work in advertising, people write about your advertising all the time. In advertising publications. Not us particularly, as we’re not that important, but in general, advertising makes news. But usually just ad news.

Today, we’d like to thank Omeed for bringing THIS to our attention: Bon Appetit’s quarterly magazine, “Bravo,” did a post on TBWA\Chiat\Day’s DJ Sammie program. Exciting! We made non-ad news! And by we, yes, if you guys remember “concept your own grilled cheese,” li and I did our own DJ Sammie sandwich and playlist. Check out the blog here!

And look, lali’s concept your own grilled cheese made the article! (well, at least a picture of it did…) Yay go DJ Sammie! And a big thanks to everyone who has been a part of this, like Lisa Kurth, Patrick, Carol, and the whole Bon Appetit team!

To many more DJs and Sammies!

djsammie bon appetit article






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Got a Mission? The Juke Guy can help!

So after the “Donut Action” spot and the iAd, it’s clear: the Juke Guy and his Juke make even the uncoolest mission cooler. So we partnered with Funny or Die to take real people’s missions – “Do my homework.” “Babysit my kids.” “Teach me origami!” – and transform them from lame, everyday chores to the coolest, funniest, action adventure.

People had to “like” the Nissan Juke on Facebook, submit a mission to the “Mission Submission” application and then for a lucky few, the Juke Guy, his Juke and a Funny or Die film crew showed up at their door to complete their mission.

Submit your own Mission here.
And check out the first installment, “All Washed Up” here:

xo, li

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lali lessons in advertising #6: be skillbidextrous

for all you advertising creatives out there looking for a partner to hitch up with, i have a word to the wise. find yourself someone who is skillbidextrous. that means they can swing it as either a copywriter OR art director as needed. my partner, lauren smith, not only did her job by writing like 10 scripts in the last 12 hours. she also did MY job for me today.

we learned on monday that our 360 launch was going to the almost-highest level clients wednesday (tomorrow), and we needed a storyboard for our TV spot…immediately. when i ended up stuck in traffic at 11pm on the 405 last night, la did me a solid and briefed the intern to do my image search for me. fast forward to this morning, when i was stuck in traffic AGAIN on the 405 for 1.5 hours and she printed all the reference images and briefed the illustrator (partially in french), then proceeded to check in with him periodically throughout the day.

for those of you who don’t work in advertising, copywriters are not expected to pull images, brief illustrators, or make sure your storyboards are ready to present to the client. you know you’ve found “the one” when her skills overlap your skills and you can truly work as one!

grosses bisses to la!

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Do our glasses make us cool creatives?

I learned a long time ago that I wasn’t cool. I think it was when I read 28 books the summer before sixth grade and wrote them all down as summer reading (books like Jane Eyre and the entire Roots series) when everyone else went canoeing, to camp, hung out with their friends, played at the pool, etc. I did all that, I just did it while reading. And everyone else didn’t read ANY books but lied and said they read two or something. I got made fun of. Like a LOT.

Anyway, now we work in an industry where people pay us to be creative, which is almost the same as paying us to be cool. Except for anyone that knows us, we’re just not cool.

However, it’s long been known that people who wear glasses are cool. Intellectually cool, which is the best kind of cool.

Take Buddy Holly.

John Lennon.

Tina Fey!

And, with Warby Parker as valid hipster proof, glasses are now cooler than ever. And in that area, li and I succeed! So even if we can’t actually be “cool” creatives, we can at least look the part.

Here’s Mr. Patrick Simkins, displaying the way cool art directors wear their Warby Parkers.

Here’s Mr. Glenn Sanders, displaying the way cool copywriters wear glasses.

The question is, do our glasses really make us cooler?

Let’s see, when li got new Warby Parkers, she definitely looked cooler:

And when we put Michael Gross, producer and music supervisor extroardinaire, in the picture, we look even COOLER!

But then when we try and match, we start losing coolness. (Ask my sister Sarah. I tried to wear matching outfits with her when we were kids, and as Sarah was infinitely cooler than me, she never agreed.)

And finally, when we tried on our matching dresses from Urban OVER our clothes and then took a picture in the Chiat women’s bathroom wearing matching Amishy dresses and matching glasses, we lost all the cool cred the glasses gave us…

Ah well, we tried! Now off to making 360 creative presentations with our glasses on. So we can see, not so we can look cool. Because when you work past 9p for the millionth night in a row, it doesn’t really matter any more how cool you look.

PS As a bonus, check out this picture of Omeed taking a picture of me taking a picture of li in glasses.

And also, see our matching Arcade Fire t’s today!
lali matching arcade fire t's


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